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After a decade hiatus in which I worked as an arts administrator and educator, I returned to painting and creating art. I've been inspired by the light, landscape, and sublime forms of Maine after moving here 9 years ago. I've also recently found inspiration from a cross cultural connection and new horizons with my fiancé Mai. I have spent months over the past 3 years on the Island of Bohol in the Philippines, living and loving with her and the wonderful culture of my new extended family. 

The intent of my landscape painting is to represent everyday moments of inspiration wherever I am, such as a quality of light, atmosphere, a seasonal change, human gesture, or intriguing space. My style of work is an attempt to balance accessible representation with painterly self expression. With careful study, and perceptual emphasis on light, atmosphere, space, color and compositional harmonies, I attempt to capture the essence of my subject into a painting. I find inherent wisdom in nature's organization and create paintings that hopefully reflect that wisdom and reflect my internal sensibilities and suggest a personal narrative.

With my portraits I attempt to capture the essence of the person, using light, color and surroundings to create a work that represents both a likeness, personality, and sense of place of the subject.    

-BRW May 2013. Bath, Maine/ Baclayon, Bohol



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